Computational intelligence company Altair has acquired Research in Flight, maker of computational fluid dynamics software platform FlightStream, which founder and chief executive of Altair Japes Scapa hopes will “enhance [the company’s] offering with its specialised, modern, and efficient approach to meet.. increasingly complex customer demands”.

Co-founder of Research in Flight Vivek Ahuja said his company was “proud to be a standard tool in the aircraft designer’s toolbox,” adding that joining Altair will allow Research in Flight to “scale and reach countless engineers seeking best-in-class, powerful, and specialised tools for faster deign iterations”.

FlightStream is described by its manufacturer as a “user-friendly, yet powerful flow solver that bridges the gap between high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics simulations and the needs of engineers and designers”. Incorporating fast computational speeds and a low hardware footprint, it is capable of capturing subsonic to supersonic flows; combining panel-method flow solvers with modern computational techniques.

Further technological elements of the software include the ability to analyse unconventional aircraft using unique surface vorticity, flow-separation, and viscous analysis capability for both unpowered and powered configurations. It is also augmented with integral boundary layer modelling, allowing users to “capture viscous effects with a level of detail that is uncommon in traditional panel method applications,” concluded Altair.

Scapa added: “Our growth in the aerospace, defence, and surrounding industries has accelerated in recent years through our best-in-class computational intelligence solutions.” He also highlighted that the integration of FlightStream would also serve to meet the emerging demands of urban air mobility and eVTOL sectors.
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