FINN visits the CU Phosco facility in Hertfordshire to find out more about airport lighting and how the lights are made.

CU Phosco’s Lee Sanderson told us: “Airport lighting has its challenges because you’re not just lighting the airport – you’ve got other considerations as well with regards to the security of the airport, the maintenance factors and also the energy saving.”

He noted that LEDs offer a better quality of light as well as reducing energy usage.

CU Phosco’s work with Heathrow Airport, for example, has helped the facility save 50% on energy costs.

CU Phosco, which was founded in 1923, works with airports all over the UK as well as in the Middle East, Canada and more.  One of the lighting issues in hot countries such as those in the Middle East is that the heat can make LEDs less efficient.

Sanderson said: “The challenge with LEDs is the thermal management and to keep the heat away from those LED chips. Through development and on-site testing at Al Maktoum airport, we’ve developed the FL800R, our modular floodlight, which is good for all conditions.”

Take a look around the CU Phosco site via the video to see how these airport lights and more are made.

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