Advanced data analytics to be rolled out to defence market

Airbus is extending its introduction of advanced data analytics in the civil aviation community to the defence market with the launch of SmartForce.

Airbus Defence and Space together with Airbus Helicopters are launching the SmartForce suite of services to enable military operators to exploit data gathered by their aircraft to enhance operational safety, boost mission availability and reduce maintenance support costs. Operators can benefit from services to improve troubleshooting, optimise maintenance effort, predict maintenance actions and plan smartly for material demand.

The system incorporates on-site private data clouds to support specific military security requirements but also lays the ground for operational data-sharing between willing allies. The resulting enhanced decision-making reduces the maintenance burden and boosts fleet availability. SmartForce will enable more efficient maintenance by drilling into the wealth of data acquired by new generation helicopters and aircraft such as the NH90, A400M and A330 MRTT resulting in new standards of aircraft availability and the freeing of resources to focus on mission execution.

Accelerates digital transformation

Head of Military Aircraft Services at Airbus Defence and Space, Stephan Miegel said: “SmartForce helps military operators to accelerate their own digital transformation in order to allow them to improve their operational readiness. Our vision is to enable data-driven new capabilities to support our customers in extracting more value from our in-service products. By breaking information siloes, Airbus teams can more rapidly perform root-cause analysis and faster trouble shooting, providing our customers with more efficient customer support.

“Our digital analytics services support the goal of enhanced mission readiness of our operators’ aircraft. They optimise maintenance practices, enable better informed and data- driven decision-making, and provide predictive solutions which all contribute to reduced workload and costs.”

Services available for civil and military operations

Airbus Helicopters EVP Support/Services Matthieu Louvot added: “SmartForce will play a key role in fulfilling our greater goal of supporting our customers by leveraging the value of data for simpler, safer and more efficient operations.Our Connected Services offer will now be able to encompass the diversity of our customers with both Skywise Connected Services for civil operators and SmartForce for military operators.”

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