AirAsia and GE Aviation have signed a four-year agreement for GE to provide the electronic Flight Operations Quality Assurance (eFOQA) and the FlightPulse pilot applications. They will be deployed on AirAsia’s fleet of about 355 A320 and A330 aircraft, and for around 4,000 pilots, during 2018.

“FlightPulse is a mobile flight data application that provides pilots with data and analytics to help them fly more efficiently and help reduce carbon emissions,” said Andrew Coleman, Chief Commercial Officer, GE Aviation. “The app puts valuable information that was previously only available at a fleet-wide level or used by analysts directly into the hands of the people flying the aircraft.”

It is the first commercial product to be developed with mobile services from GE’s Predix platform and presents pilots with the flight data visually. It shows the amount of fuel used at different stages of a flight and how pilots can reduce carbon emissions.

Cutting carbon and cost

GE Aviation’s eFOQA service applies proprietary data management and analytics technology to flight data generated by the aircraft and its systems. The core offering provides data ingestion, processing analytics, and has options for expanded data sources, analytics editing, and data exporting/integration with systems.

The connectivity suite allows deeper integration of the flight data and analytics – previously available only to safety analysts – with other systems in the airlines operations, providing insights to many departments within the airline.

“We are certain of the positive impact this will have on the overall cost of operation at AirAsia, with anticipated savings of up to 1%,” said Captain Adrian Jenkins, Chief Operations Officer, AirAsia, during the signing ceremony.