Project Able, from Aerobility, is exhibiting at Farnborough Air Show this week showing its newly enhanced Grob G109B Able on the flight line.

Repurpose project

Aerobility is an aviation charity offering disabled people the opportunity to fly led by Mike Miller-Smith MBE, CEO highlights that the G109B is one of, if not the most ‘sustainable aircraft of the show. Not only is the G109B Able the result of the ultimate repurposing project, unleashing a new lease of life to the former military trainer Grob G109B motorgliders, but the new aircraft is also delivering a circa 40% reduction in fuel burn.

With a complete airframe overhaul, state-of-the-art Garmin avionics and options, new Rotax engine and MT Propeller, the ‘Able’s’ performance and handling has been radically enhanced, while the fuel consumption has been significantly reduced.

Grob Able’s fuel injected Rotax 912 iSc fuel efficient engine is certified to run on sustainable vehicle fuel such as E10, resulting in lower carbon emissions. Its glider design and MT hydraulic constant speed propeller also brings highly efficient operations, for example 100 knots is achieved burning just 11.7L per hour.
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