Three point strategy recognises potential for the economy but announces measures against malicious use

UK aviation trade association ADS has published its response to the UK government’s Counter Unmanned Aircraft Strategy.

The strategy sets out how it will harness the benefits of drone technology to society and the economy, while protecting the public from malicious use.

Plans set out in the strategy include:

  • A mobile counter-drone unit ready for deployment across the UK.
  • Establishment of an industry action group to encourage collaboration and drive progress on safety measures.
  • The UK will seek an international safety standard to enhance drone safety.
  • New laws will give police additional powers to combat illegal drone use.

Business analysts PwC has estimated that rising use of drones within business and public services could contribute £42bn to the UK economy by 2030, and see more than 600,000 related jobs.

Regulation must be “effective and proportionate”

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said: “The strategy announced today by the Government rightly recognises the huge potential benefits of drone use to society and our national prosperity. There are also risks from malicious use of drones that must be addressed and this strategy recognises that industry engagement should be central to making sure that regulation is effective and proportionate.”

“We welcome the Government’s intention to share more information on threats and vulnerabilities to help focus and encourage investment in the innovation and development that can make the UK a pioneer in this exciting market.”

ADS has published a policy paper on Counter Drone Technologies giving a detailed overview of risks from malicious drone use and technologies available to tackle it.

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