ADS has launched its annual Facts and Figures report for 2021.

The annual guide shows the contribution of ADS sectors over the past year, showcasing well-paid jobs, high-tech exports and vital investment in every region and nation of the country. The report can be accessed on the ADS website. This year’s highlights include:

  • Combined turnover, which was maintained at an estimated £79bn in 2020
  • Combined number of directly supported jobs totalling 385,000, of which 14,000 are estimated to be apprentices
  • A combined export value of £45bn in 2020
  • Contribution to the UK economy through Gross Value Add of an estimated £33bn in 2020

The report also includes priorities for Government and Industry working together in 2021 to help support recovery from Covid-19 pandemic and support for the government’s Global Britain agenda.ADS reports that a  recovery within the UK’s industries will support the country to build back better from the impact of Covid-19 on jobs, investment and industrial capability. It adds:

  • To meet the UK’s net zero ambitions by 2050, our industries are committed to developing and manufacturing advanced green technology
  • Building on the relationship agreed between the UK and EU to deliver global trading arrangements that support high value exports and growth
  • Boosting the diversity of our industries to secure opportunities for all, provide the highest quality pipeline of new talent and invest in apprenticeships
  • Supporting Government to implement the Integrated Review, Defence & Security Industrial Strategy and the Defence Command Paper, creating new opportunities for SMEs

Individual sector statistics and priorities are also included in the document and are compiled from a range of sources including official data from the Office for National Statistics, Oxford Economics, Department of Businesses, Energy and Industrial Strategy and a number of reports including from the UK Space Agency and Grand View Research, Inc.

Read the full ADS Facts and Figures for 2021 here.


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