UK aerospace industry trade body, ADS, has again written to the European Commission to make a second request for technical discussions to take place between the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to prepare for Brexit.

The request was first made in June in a joint letter with the General Aviation Manufacturers’ Association (GAMA). This received a reply from the European Commission in July, rejecting the request.

The response from Sabine Weyand, the EU Commission’s Deputy Chief Negotiator, said: “While I understand your request for technical discussions in order to limit disruptions and safety risks, without sufficient clarity on both the outcome of the withdrawal process and the future UK legal framework, such discussions would currently be premature.”

statement from ADS this week notes: “Technical discussions between the CAA and EASA are needed to make sure there is adequate preparation that will avert significant disruption to European and global aerospace and aviation once the UK leaves the EU. This preparation is needed for either potential scenario – that a withdrawal agreement is ratified for the UK’s exit from the EU, or that no deal is agreed before withdrawal.”

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