ADS Group has warned the UK government that tens of thousands of jobs are at risk without state support for the British aviation industry.

The call to step up support comes after the French government announced a €15bn (£13.3bn) package of aid measures yesterday. The bailout includes a €7bn loan to flag carrier Air France, a €500m investment fund for the development of medium sized suppliers, €1.5bn fund for research into green aircraft technology, as well as €300m to help sub-contractors modernise plants and production sites. The support also includes accelerated defence procurement programmes that will support manufacturers with both civil and defence production, and their suppliers

ADS’ call for support covers five priority areas

ADS has been calling for the UK Government to address five priority areas to support the aviation industry including a pragmatic plan to resume flights, rapid expansion of Government support for low carbon aerospace technology and pulling forward public procurement to support jobs and cashflow.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said: “The French Government has recognised the unique challenges faced by its aerospace industry from this crisis and is delivering the specific support needed to protect jobs and manufacturing capability.”

“We have set out priority areas for action, including investment in the development of new green aerospace technology, a pragmatic plan to resume flights without resorting to quarantine measures, and pulling forward public defence and space projects.”

“Around the world, our international competitors are acting to support airlines, manufacturers and their supply chains. Tens of thousands of UK jobs are now at risk and the UK Government must urgently put in place the measures we need to make sure our industry is not left behind.”
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