KPMG International will be discussing digital technology adoption as Headline Partner of FIA Connect. The sessions on future battle space, space security and the future of digitisation, will take place during the aerospace and defence industry’s leading virtual trade event from July 13-15, 2021.

Ahead of FIA Connect, Grant McDonald, Global Aerospace and Defense Lead, KPMG International and Jonathon Gill, Head of Aerospace and Defence, KPMG in the UK, discuss the acceleration of technology transformation, the growing need for collaboration and strategic approaches to digitisation.

“My view is the future is here, it’s only going to change more rapidly,” said Grant McDonald. “We certainly saw it through Covid. The acceleration of digital transformation with many working virtually and factories accelerating their approach to industry 4.0 is encouraging the sector to work in different ways.”

McDonald said the use of AI and new technologies would accelerate and companies would need to ensure that frameworks for governance were in place.

The aerospace industry is a leader in embracing digitisation. Many companies are embracing Industry i4.0 as a strategic advantage, improving productivity and efficiency. 5G technology is an important tool to support Industry i4.0 connectivity enabling communication between sensors, devices, and machines in the Internet of Things.

McDonald recommended that companies view their whole digital ecosystem before taking the leap into using data driven technologies such as AI. He explained: “We need to ensure that the business foundations are sound. To aerospace and defence companies I would say, ‘Look, you’re working with AI and other new technologies and transformation is moving very quickly. Take the time, step back and make sure that your risk framework and governance is in place.”

UK defence industry should embrace “the transformation journey”

Jonathon Gill added that the UK defence industry should embrace the digital transformation journey, reacting and responding to working with the MoD in a more collaborative way.

KPMG works with defence clients on both strategic and operational levels, helping organisations understand how to collaborate with each other. One of the key tasks for the industry is to “think about the challenges but also convert those into actual proper solutions.”

He added that the “digital backbone” of the MoD requires contractors to collaborate to agreed standards. “I think it’s a matter of how industry responds and actually make sure they’re also able to work in a similar way,” he said.

KPMG assists aerospace and defence companies in planning an agile implementation to develop, design and realise the benefits of the chosen digital solutions. Solutions can be scaled up with improved performance, collaboration and innovation. Benefits from digitisation can be realised from an initial focus on implementing concrete, short term measures.

5 ways digitisation is transforming the aerospace industry

  1. 5G technology features which are important to the aerospace industry include low latency and high reliability and bandwidth on the factory floor.
  2. 3D Printing or additive manufacturing, which saves time and money and creates stronger, more efficient components.
  3. By adding sensors into manufacturing equipment and examining the data, predictive maintenance can help foresee failures, resulting in a longer asset life and reducing operational expenses.Sensors on critical materials or finished goods enable tracking and localisation, further increasing efficiency on the factory floor.
  4. Augmented reality (AR) can also be used to enable remote training and support and increase quality.
  5. Future digital solutions might include Blockchain to certify the origin and quality of parts from supply chain participants or the use of Intelligent Automation to translate masses of data into valuable analytics. As aerospace has a global footprint, these solutions will enhance innovation and global competitiveness.

KPMG International brings exceptional global expertise from across the #aerospace and #defence industry and will play a pivotal role in this year’s FIA Connect. Find out more about the benefits of implementing digital strategies for the aerospace, defence and space industries.

Is digitalisation transforming aerospace? Find out more by watching KPMG’s Speaker sessions at FIA Connect:

  • Day 1 – Session 3 “Future Battle space: next generation defence,” moderated by Jono Anderson, KPMG in the US, July 13, 2021, 1.30pm-2.30pm BST
  • Day 1 – Session 4 “Future of space security,” moderated by Jono Anderson, KPMG in the US, July 13, 2021, 3.30-4.30pm BST
  • Day 3 -Session 3 “It’s time to invest in the future of digitalisation,” moderated by Martin Molloy, KPMG in the UK, July 15, 2021 1.30-2.30pm BST

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