United Screens’ glasses-free 3D technology could make on-board entertainment a lot more immersive.

United’s technology includes an eye-tracking audio stereoscopic device. It has an optical filter on the front of the screen and a switchable filter so you can switch from 2D to 3D.

Hannes Harder, CTO, United Screens, said: “With that you have a very stunning effect without the [need for 3D] glasses. Everyone should experience it for themselves.”

We did and it was pretty amazing! The experience was much more effective than at the cinema, due to this personalised eye-tracking.

Harder explains: “The eye tracking makes it possible that you can move in front of the screen. In a seat situation in the aeroplane, you want to relax and you want to change your position, and it’s why we think it’s important that the extra 3D image follows you. [It means] you always get the perfect 3D image.”

The technology isn’t in place with any airlines yet but, Harder said: “We are talking with all the major integrators, and also with the aeroplane companies, so we are positive that we will find someone soon to integrate it.”

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