The UK government is investing £1.5m to support recruitment into the aviation industry, helping ensure it has the workers it needs to meet the unprecedented demand for travel after the pandemic.

To propel young people into aviation, the government has today confirmed £700,000 for a Reach for the Sky Challenge Fund – which will fund outreach programmes and events to educate young people from all backgrounds on the opportunities on offer in aviation.

The scheme will support Generation Aviation – a new campaign which will see government working with industry to increase the number of people applying for jobs in the sector. The campaign is one of the key elements of the government’s 22-point plan to help the industry tackle the disruption it’s currently experiencing as a result of demand outstripping staffing capacity.

Supporting the aviation industry

The government previously called on the industry to do everything within its power to ensure there is no repeat of the problems experienced at Easter and half term, and the 22-point plan sets out all of the measures the government is taking to support the aviation industry, including to help recruit and train staff, ensure the delivery of a realistic summer schedule, minimise disruption and support passengers when delays and cancellations are unavoidable.

Aviation Minister, Robert Courts, said: “We’re all aware of the difficulties being experienced in the aviation industry at the moment. While measures such as our airport slots amnesty are having an immediate, positive impact, it’s absolutely vital that we also focus on making the industry more sustainable in the longer term.

“A resilient workforce is at the heart of that and is a core part of our 22 point plan to help the sector minimise disruption this summer. That’s why we’re funding great initiatives to encourage people into the sector – and to ensure that prosperous careers are accessible to all, regardless of their background or walk of life.”

Virtual Aerobility programme

To help ensure the industry is as accessible as possible, the government is also providing over £200,000 funding for the Virtual Aerobility programme. The programme aims to make aviation more accessible for disabled people.

The government has also put over £600,000 behind the relaunch of the Aviation Skills Recruitment Platform (ASRP), which is a free recruitment platform solely focused on jobs and opportunities in aviation. The government will continue its funding for the coming year (2022-23) to ensure that jobs and training opportunities are available as the sector continues to recover.

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